Do poverty reduction goals work?

What is an energy-efficient citizen?

 I’ve been reading a little about about energy awareness and came across a great article by a lady called Dr Kathryn Janda asking what we’d do with the excess energy produced by our solar panels. The article talks about our overall energy usage.  Whilst we might switch to energy efficient and energy generating homes over […]

A Shameless Plug …

 I’m very pleased to announce that the first of my series of issue-based websites concerning the world of work has gone live today. The first site is about how to get a new job. I’d love feedback – especially anything to improve the content, though more resources will be added to the site over the […]

Is it time for society to reset the Politicians’ expectations?

Optimism about the British economic recovery is at the mercy of many factors, not least of which is the pervading political philosophy that to solve the current problems we should foster economic growth.  But what do we mean by economic growth in reality?  Is it really all about increasing the Gross Domestic Product? Against a […]

A Robin Hood Tax Makes Sense

A Robin Hood tax on banks could raise £20 Billion a year,

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Martin Luther King has provided us with so many challenging statements and in them so much truth. The trouble we have is that we continue to associate them with a single issue. An American Issue. We do not see their value for a bigger concern.

Are the trappings too much?

Sometimes we add just a little bit too much to our life and what we think makes us “better” in fact may not be the case …

The Coming Education Fiasco

I am a great believer in fixing what is broken. The UK education system is broken. So the education system must be fixed.

It does seem, however, that the new Government has no idea what to do …

Post-Consumer Action

Came across a brilliant site called Unconsumption where what struck me was its definition of itself …

If my vote had counted would I feel sold out?

Its been a couple of days since the government was formed and the heady excitement of what will happen has waned to let me think about the impact. I’ve looked at what the LibDems have done in forming the coalition, what they have given up and what they have allowed in terms of Tory policies. I’m disappointed …